Web and mobile apps

We provide software development services to a range of businesses, from tech startups to large organisations.

We can help with: architecture, iterative development and tech support.
How do we work?
  • We are experts in JavaScript, React and React Native.
  • For backend development we use NodeJS and .NET framework.
  • We follow Agile mindset and SCRUM methodology.
  • We regularly perform code reviews, write tests and probe new technologies.
  • DevOps approaches and tools: continuous integration and delivery, containers and cloud platforms.
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Vue
  • Node
  • Nest
  • Redux
  • Next
  • Gatsby
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • GraphQl

Our projects

The Words
The Words is an app where you can share stories anonymously whilst strongly protecting user privacy, creating a safe space for communication. We fully implemented MVP for iOS and Android in no time tanks to React Native, Hasura, GraphQL and Apollo.
Dynamics is an analytical system used by businesses to track prices in the real estate market.
STARified is an artifical intelligence photo editor app. It recognises images of people and animals and allows you to change the background, position of objects, add effects and animation. The application is hybrid: logic and interface in React native, AI and graphic effects in native code - everything is seamlessly integrated.
CRM for car dealers
An IT solution for car dealers, created as a basis for scaling a business and developing a franchisee network. The platform automates the whole process. It collects a database of cars, exports data to websites, allows you to keep records of all pre-sale preparations and track the full cycle of transactions.
Sportsground is a mobile service for the search and booking of sports grounds in the city. With its help, users can search for suitable sites, book and pay for them, organise meetings and leave reviews. And administrators - to manage the schedule of objects and work with the customer database.
HRM for city administration
We created a corporate system for managing personnel and recruiting processes. It makes it possible to collect a database of candidates and employees, search by resume, import data from job boards through a browser extension, take into account and conduct assessment activities.
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